About Us

Ta – nda Swahili word for to spread

Founded in 2015,the first community network in Kenya,  as a project called Tunapandanet, transitioned to a Community Network in 2022. Tanda Community Network is a community-led initiative situated in the heart of Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya. As a registered independent non-partisan, non-profit Community-Based Organization, Tanda is driven by its commitment to democratizing technology and promoting digital literacy among the masses. By providing affordable access and empowering women youth, and the elderly, Tanda aims to bridge the digital divide and uplift the community Our primary mandate is to facilitate meaningful access to technology as a catalyst fo positive change. Tanda believes that by equipping the community with functional digital literacy and essential digital skills, we enable them to access better healthcare, education, and employment opportunities, and improve their overall livelihoods. 


In order to achieve the vision and mission, we are guided by the following core values:

Working for, by, and with the community: We prioritize the needs and perspectives of the community, rather than those of the organization itself, to ensure the organization's work is relevant, effective, and sustainable.

  1. Inclusivity: We strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone, regardless of their background, identity, or beliefs.
  2. Togetherness: We believe in the power of working together and supporting each other to achieve common goals and overcome challenges.
  3. Diversity: We recognize and value the unique perspectives and experiences of each individual on our team, and believe that our differences make us stronger.
  4. Integrity. We mean what we say and say what we mean, and we operate transparently and honestly so as to inspire the trust and confidence of our internal and external stakeholders.
  5. Excellence. We embrace excellence in our work, to our community and with our stakeholder


To foster grass root-driven development through connectivity.


To catalyse digital transformation by providing Affordable Connectivity, Digital Skilling, and Locally Relevant Content and supporting Movement-Building for inclusive sustainable communities.

Connected Centers
1 K
Direct Users
CNs trained and Mentored
1 K
Indirect Users

Tanda at a glance

First Phase

• Pilot phase of the CN championed by Tunapanda Kibera CBO in 2015
• 5 schools connected with support from the Internet Society
• Grant support from the Internet Society, APC

2015 - 2020

Second Phase

10/13 villages connected in Kibera 58 centers connected 18 anchor clients Capacity building programs Gender/teachers/youth Local content: podcasts/comic strip Grant support from the Internet Society, CIPESA, APC

2020 - 2022

Got new project!

Third Phase

Capacity building for CNs Mapping of CNs Online mentorship Participatory Action Research Methodology Learning Exchanges Kenya National School for Community Networks (KNSCN) Grant support from APC

2020 - 2022

Fourth Phase

Licenced as a community Network 112 nodes Colmena Tool deployment Dis/MisInformation

2023 - 2024

Meet Our Team


Finance Lead

Strategy and Partnership Lead


Network Lead

Looking for

Bridging Connectivity Gap

We believe that everyone should have access to reliable and affordable internet connectivity, regardless of where they live

Digital Skilling and Sustainable Livelihoods

We advance collective human capital development believe and advance capacity.

Movement Building

We work with mission-driven organizations and leaders in Kenya  to facilitate grassroot connectivity in underserved and unserved areas