Mtandao Mashinani - Movement Building for Sustainable Community Networks

1.  Kenya National School of Community Network: Tandanet envision the continuation of the annual Kenya National School of Community Network. This school serves to buiild dialogues, information exchange, and knowledge sharing between people engaged with community networks in different realities in Kenya and Co-create the future of the community networks movement in Kenya.

2. Training, Mentorship and Peer Exchange: Tandanet provides training, mentorship and peer exchange opportunities for emerging Community Networks at the national level through Community of Practice (COP). We provide a standardized and quality training curriculum that equips grassroot communities with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively operate Community Networks. Through mentorship programs, established networks and experienced practitioners provide guidance, advice, and practical insights to emerging networks. This mentorship has built the capacity of 11 emerging networks in Kenya and fostered a sense of community and shared learning.

3. Techno-Feasibility Study and Institutional Support: To ensure the success of emerging Community Networks in Kenya, we recognize the importance of conducting techno-feasibility studies and providing institutional support. Techno-feasibility studies assess the technical viability and potential challenges of establishing a Community Network in a specific area. By conducting these studies, we can guide emerging networks in making informed decisions regarding network design, infrastructure requirements, and connectivity options. Additionally, we offer institutional support to help networks navigate regulatory frameworks, establish governance structures, and access funding opportunities.