We are Committed to Promoting
Meaningful Access to Grassroot Communities

Our Approach

With passion, excellence, integrity, and equity we work with the grassroot communities to create meaningful and lasting change. We equip the communities  with the know-how, insights, skills, and resources to ensure they are continually advancing equity and opportunity within the communities they serve.

We start by diving deep to get to the core needs of the community, listen to their perspective and understand the most pressing issues they face

We develop programmes and initiatives for communities that are based on best practice and rooted in local context

 We design programmes and initiatives that meet the needs of the community and the entire ecosystem. We use human centered design and participatory action methodology

Our expertise serve the community with the resources for the greatest impact

 We continuously gathering insights, reflecting on experiences, and adapting approaches based on feedback and outcomes, fostering ongoing improvement and growth.

We Exist To

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At the core, we aim to establish and enhance quality connectivity to the grassroot community. We do this by providing affordable internet access, enhancing digital literacy, and ensuring that communities have the tools to connect with each other and the broader digital world. This connectivity is fundamental for fostering autonomy and self-determination.

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We involve the community in the collaborative creation of solutions, whether it’s developing digital platforms, addressing local challenges, or producing relevant content. This co-creation process empowers communities to actively shape their technological landscape.

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We support grassroots communities in Kenya interested in establishing community networks. Our focus is on capacity building through mentorship and training on what it takes to design, deploy and operate a commnity network. Broadly we seek to gather knowledge and evidence of the opportunities and challenges inherent in community networks, contributing to the growth of sustainable and scalable CNs.

Connected Community Centers
Community Networks Trained and Mentored
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Indirect Community Beneficiaries

Our Focus

For, by and with the community, we co-create, design, and manage projects and initiatives that empower community centres to serve with greater impact and advance equity for all.


Bridging Connectivity Gap

We believe that everyone should have access to reliable and affordable internet connectivity, regardless of where they live

Digital Skilling and Sustainable Livelihoods

We advance collective human capital development believe and advance capacity.

Movement Building

We work with mission-driven organizations and leaders in Kenya  to facilitate grassroot connectivity in underserved and unserved areas